dogs age 6-21 years old have higher rates of discomfort, disease and pain as they age. learn our blueprint to happy senior dogs below! 

Have the confidence you're making the right decisions for your senior dog when it counts the most.

your dog is your best friend.


but they're aging right before your eyes. and you can see small changes impacting them over time. the gray hairs. the increased time sleeping. the changes in muscling…

how can you help the dog you love like a child reverse the clock? or at least be comfortable and happy as they age?


You've researched some stuff online. but is it really going to be enough to help them when they need it most? 


Here's the Problem..



senior dogs are prone to so many issues…

The truth is that it doesn't matter if your senior dog looks or acts like a puppy on the outside…  

They're in an age group where they have higher rates of disease, pain and injury. And signs often go unrecognized.

As a result, many pet parents find themselves ‘doing their best' and dealing with stuff as it comes up. 

Many pet parents miss key ways to help their dogs live comfortably during this phase of life. 

“Most pet parents miss key opportunities to help their older dogs.  It leads to things like chronic pain in their dogs, decreased comfort and increased struggles as they age. It even means shorter lifespans or healthspans because of it! 

-Dr. Lippman and Dr. Tarantino

(Course Creators)

usually $349, now only $199 for a limited time!

gracie and ella

she was the healthiest dog all her life.

Then when she hit age 9 all sorts of things started happening. I would research online but just have a vague idea of how to help her. I realized there was a bigger picture occurring with Ella as she got older and LOVED the pieces that Dr. Lisa and Dr. Monica taught on how to help Ella. It hit home. LOVED their supplement guide and diet section. 

“As Cody got older… things just kept popping up for him. The stuff I found online was random and I didn't know if it was reliable.  When I found this course and learned the THRIVE method I could not believe anyone had come up with such a thoughtful approach to caring for older dogs. 10/10 Recommend."

-M. Diaz

what if you had a blueprint to helping your senior dog age with comfort?  So you could feel confident that you're helping your best friend as they encounter some of the most difficult years in their life?  


introducing the senior dog thrive course







The Senior Dog Thrive course is the only resource on the market that teaches you preventative, health, and end-of-life care plans for senior dogs.  Our blueprint helps assure your canine has everything they need to not just survive, but thrive through the natural aging process.



“Most pet parents miss key opportunities to help their older dogs.  By having this blueprint for their pet's health- they can live comfortably for many more years."

-Dr. Lippman and Dr. Tarantino

(Course Creators)

usually $349, now only $199 for a limited time!

our online coursE has the following modules

module 1: Map Out Your Senior Dog Care Plan

Learn THE system we use to help your aging dog THRIVE.  Learn your senior dog's 'type' and where to focus for maximum impact on their happiness!

module 2: At-Home Care Maximized For your Senior Dog 

A video guide to the lifesaving weekly habit you NEED to perform your senior. Learn actionable steps that impact your dog's comfort and longevity and our 'CARE' system

module 3: Handle Veterinary Care Like a Pro

What to know about anesthesia and vaccines in senior dogs. Senior dog nutrition and supplements 
(and our guides with product recommendations). What does your senior dog really need at the vet and saving money!

module 4 + 5: Get Clear on Common  Warning Signs and Disease of Seniors + end of life decisions

Critical steps to longevity at the vet. Preventative medicine basics your dog needs. Warning signs to monitor for in your pet.

i'm so glad i found this.  i didn't understand what was happening with delta at all and now i feel like i finally have a good plan for her. — sarah d.

"This course has information you can not find in researching the computer. Information I wished I would have known before my dog became a senior."- Patty G.

My husband and I consider ourselves dog people and felt very knowledgeable about canine health. This course has opened our minds to how we need to care and monitor our Senior Dog to keep her healthy and happy and with us!!!- Christina P.

  The THRIVE method is revolutionizing the way we care for our aging dogs.  

Did Someone 

Say Bonuses?

Bonus 1: Senior Dog Supplement and Diet Guide: (Value $129)
A comprehensive list of our favorite supplements and diets for aging dogs so you don’t have to play the guessing game. 

Bonus 2: Weekly At Home Exam Video Guide: (Value $158)

Learn the exact steps Dr. Lippman recommends pet parents use to perform weekly exams on their pets at home

Bonus 3: Signs of Chronic Pain Handout; Signs of Hearing/Vision Loss Handout: (Value $59)

These handouts help assure you know the signs associated with common causes of discomfort and disability in aging dogs.

Bonus 4: Private Group Q and A's Sessions with the doctors (Value $499)

Several times a year the doctors host a 45 minute zoom session exclusive to pet parents enrolled in the Thrive course. Get your burning questions answered!

Bonus 5: Access to Private Senior Dog THRIVE Course FB Group: (Value $49)

Join other pet parents and the doctors in a private Facebook group for senior dog community and support like no other.




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What age should my dog be to start this course?

This course is perfect for dogs aged 6 to 21 years of age! However, it’s never too early to start to gain an understanding of what older dogs need.

I have a young senior dog who doesn't really seem to have a lot of issues yet. Is this course a good fit?

YES. We specifically address early seniors and what to focus on with this group of dogs throughout this course. In addition, this course will set you up NOW to start learning what to be on the lookout for. The earlier we get started, the better long-term results you will see with many of the methods we teach.

How long is the time commitment?

The course is a 5 part course that we recommend doing in 5 weeks however it is completely self-paced and you can have access to it forever. We suggest doing what works best for you and your schedule. Total hours spent in the course is usually 4 to 5 hours.

What if I already have a care system for my senior dog, do I still need this course?

Even experienced senior dog owners have benefited from this course because things evolve over time. The best way to keep up to date on senior dog care is to continually add to your knowledge. Trust us–some of the content in here has never been discussed like this and we've had MANY veterinarians and experienced dog owners say they are so glad they took this course. They learned so much!

Do you offer a refund if the course isn’t a good fit?

Yes! We want you to see what an amazing difference it makes in your and your furbaby's life which is why if you watch the videos and do all the work and are still unsatisfied, you can get 100% refund within 60 days.

How long will I have access to the course?

You will have access to this course forever!


limited time offer only. expires soon!

Welcome from your course creators

We’re Dr. Lisa Lippman and Dr. Monica Tarantino and before we were vets, we were dog parents wanting to give our dogs our best just like you.

We created this course because we wanted to make a resource accessible to pet parents and give you the fundamentals around more comfortable lives for your dogs.  

We’re deeply grateful you’ve chosen to join us on this journey of creating longer-living and happier dogs!

Dr. Lisa Lippman and Dr. Monica Tarantino


A little about our creators:

Dr. Lisa is one of the most socially influential veterinarians in the US and Director of Virtual Care at Bond Vet. Dr. Monica is Chief of Staff of a veterinary hospital in Charlotte, NC, author, and founder of the Senior Dog Revolution. Follow them along their journey at @drlisalippman and @seniordogdoc!

“understanding what could really help my senior dog has made all of the difference for us.”- Kelly s.